Security Door Malaysia

SECURITY DOOR MALAYSIA is your High-Quality Security Door and Safety Door Supplier & Manufacturer in Malaysia with 22 years of experience. Our Security Doors are trusted by many Malaysians in their homes because our Security Doors have extreme 9, 13 & 15 lock systems for security. Therefore, Security Doors at Security Door Malaysia are extremely durable and solid at their core frame structure.


Our Steel Safety Doors and Security Doors will deter unwanted intruders. This is because it is impossible to penetrate as there is a multiple locking system embedded in all our Security Doors. Moreover, our Safety Doors and Security Doors are all double welding, double bending, Top extra lock, deadbolt lock with high-grade frames and locks with three directions.

Security Front Door at Security Door Malaysia


Your front door is the main entrance of your family home. It needs to be safe for your family and look welcoming.

This is why we have the largest variety of security doors, with over 2,800 designs.

Our safety and security standard is #1 taking into consideration of the door design and frame structure.

Each Security Door hinge is anti-rust with high-quality stainless steel material.

Office Doors | #1 Security Door Malaysia Supplier


After your front door, your room is the next level of security. We are always looking to bring you the latest designs for your Condominium, Room, and Office Safety Doors.

Moreover, this is important to Malaysians. In a way to create a higher level of safety standards.

It is at our heart to bring you peace of mind while working and being with your family. Ultimately, we bring this through our 9, 13 or 15 secured Safety Door locks.

Kitchen Back Doors | #1 Security Door Malaysia Supplier


There are many important factors for your back door. It is important to consider safety, waterproof, and strong durability doors. Above all, our team of engineers and designers has a range of safety door designs lined up for you. 

Safety Doors, Security Doors, Steel Doors, Metal Doors, Fire Rated Doors, and the list goes on.

We are your #1 affordable price, real Security Door Supplier in Malaysia to look for.


Why choose our Safety Door and Security Door?

Steel Doors | #1 Security Door Malaysia Supplier

Hard Full Stainless Steel Doors will bring you and your family a high level of safety and security. At Security Door Malaysia, we offer your Beautiful Stainless Steel Safety Door designs with maximum security.

Maximum Security is achieved with high-quality Security doors such as our Stainless Steel Security Doors. While beautiful Safety Door designs are handcrafted at Security Door Malaysia, your Safety Door Supplier in Malaysia, this anti-rust material is one-of-its-kind.

Inspired by minimalist designs. Security Door Malaysia has introduced sturdy, one-of-a-kind Metal Security Doors with Alloy designs.

Our Safety Doors and Security Metal Doors safety standards makes us #1 Security Door Supplier in Malaysia.

Our Security Door Malaysia Prices are very reasonable. Looking for Alloy Metal Security Doors? Check Security Door Malaysia.

Metal Doors | #1 Security Door Malaysia Supplier
Laser Cut Security Door

Laser-cut Security Doors are premium for safety and security. It gives security as well as users a sort of custom Safety Door.

Firstly, Security Door Malaysia’s Laser-cut Safety Doors have the top safety standard. This is achieved with our multiple 3 directional lock system.

In addition to that, we deliver Quality Doors, lasered to precision for your maximum security and comfort.