About Security Door Malaysia

Security Door Malaysia is a Highly Trusted Safety And Security Door Supplier in Malaysia for 20 Years.

This is because we provide a very wide range of Security Doors and Safety Doors. Today, we are well known for our expertise and customer focus in customizing Doors according to your specifications.

Our team of Door designers are professional and attentive. We strive to always come up with new and Creative Security Door and Safety Door designs for our clients. With a top reputation, you will receive the best and fastest service for standard and Customized Doors. The best part is, you will get all these for a reasonable price.

Contact us today and we can respond to any of your urgent request immediately.

Why Work With Security Door Malaysia?

You definitely want the best Security Door in Malaysia for your corporate office or home. Our Security Doors are even used for banks, safe houses, emergency rooms, gold smith security, and many more. Our customers trust us and our VR brand, through which we assist dealers in mass producing OEM Safety Doors without brand.

All our Doors are Manufactured locally and we are on track to be the Largest Door Manufacturer in Malaysia. On top of that, all incoming raw materials are scrutinized by our team of auditors to ensure the quality of our products. We are the leading one-stop supplier helping you with all your Security Door needs.

Looking to work closely with your Door Supplier? Let us suggest ideas and plan with you, to either customize or give you the best off-the-shelf or customized products. On top of that, when customization is needed, our designers can propose you a range of personalized designs.

Upon your confirmation of the proposed design, we will suggest the best and most cost-effective way of producing and supplying your Security Door in a timely fashion. We have a wide variety of designs to mix and match from alloy, steel and stainless steel.

Our Security Door Factory

Security Door Malaysia is your #1 Security Door Manufacturer in Malaysia.

These are our Security Doors and Safety Doors at our Factory.

Choose from Laser-Cut, Alloy or Stainless Steel designs for your very own Security Door.

Security Door Factory